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I saw Rent today!!!

Okay, so I just got back from seeing Rent. Let me tell you, it was amazing! So, I walk into the theatre (which is gorgeous, by the way) and I see the set. Of course, I have a total fangirl moment and start to do a little jumping/squealing dance. I find my seat (which was ridiculously close to the stage. Not first row or anything but I could see everything). The lights go off and the show starts. The rest is honestly just a happy blur. Here's my breakdown of each of the actors and songs.

Bryce Ryness (Roger): I liked him alright. I thought his voice was good, but not spectacular. I like his voice, it was soothing. It’s different from Adam’s rocker-type, belting voice but I thought it still suited Roger’s character.

Jed Resnick (Mark): OH. MY. GOD!!! He was amazing! Obviously, he wasn’t as good as Anthony but he was pretty damn close. His voice was just so pure. His singing was too die for. He was cute, he got Mark’s character, and the singing! OH GOD THE SINGING! Can you tell that I liked his singing?? LOL.

Warren G. Nolan (Collins): Okay, at first I thought his voice was a little weak and he wasn’t as strong a singer as Bryce or Jed but his "ICY:R" was wonderful. He belted this song and it was so heartfelt. It was amazing. I totally had a Rentgasm.

Michael Ifill (Benny): I liked his voice. Again, obviously he’s no Taye but he did well. His voice had a lot of soul. His acting was so-so but he did a good job. His singing really shined in "You’ll see". I really don’t know what else to say about him since Benny is actually a smaller character and I didn’t really get a huge taste of his singing.

Jennifer Colby Talton (Joanne): Okay, again, Joanne’s role is a bit smaller but she was still amazing. I loved her "We’re okay". She was funny and I thought that she portrayed Joanne very well.

Ano Okera (Angel): I thought that his singing was a little weak, too. I didn’t really like his voice and he seemed to have trouble hitting the higher notes.

Arianda Fernandez (Mimi): Okay, wow...she was terrible in the first cat! She sounded really hoarse and whiny and she couldn't hit the higher notes either. I really didn't like her acting/body language too. She just looked really bored. In the second act, she was so much better. She sounded better and she acted more appropriately.

Tracy McDowell (Maureen): I loved her signing...she sounds almost exactly like Idina! It was kinda eerie. Well, that being said, I wasn't a fan of her acting. I thought that she over-acted (especially "Over the moon").

And that's it for the main characters. All the secondary characters (Steve, Paul, homeless people, moms) were also amazing. When the all sang together (like in "Christmas bells"), the harmonizing that went on was *muah* perfection.
FYI: I'm not 100% sure about the actors that I saw because the programs that we got didn't have those handy little pictures next to them. I'm pretty sure that these are the actors that I saw but I may be wrong.

Rent Okay, seeing this acted out live was such an experience. There was so much energy. It was just amazing. It was really wild to see so much going on.

You okay honey? Like I said, Warren (Collins) and Ano (Angel) didn't have the strongest voices so this song was kinda weak. I didn't really like how they acted this particular song out but it was still good.

One song glory Bryce (Roger) sang this with so much feeling and he belted this song out. It was amazing because of all the speakers and just how raw his emotions were.

Light my candle Ugh. I'm sorry but Arianda (Mimi) totally ruined this song for me. I just did not like her voice. It was too...much. Too whiny at parts, too soft at part, just too much. Other than that, to see the song being preformed live was really cute.

Today 4 U Like I mentioned before, Ano (Angel) didn't have the strongest voice and this song was obviously a struggle for him because he seemed to have a lot of trouble hitting some of the higher notes. He didn't have enough energy or enthusiasm that I've come to connect with Angel. This song was actually pretty “blah” compared to what I was expecting.

You’ll see This song has always been fun for me. It was done well. I liked all the singing in it, the acting was good and there was an energy to it.

Tango: Maureen I thought that this song was done extremely well. To see the body language between Jed (Mark) and Jennifer (Joanne) was hilarious. They both sang well and it was a fun song to listen to (always is).

Life support Nothing much to say about this. The actors who played Steve and Paul were good but nothing phenomenal. The harmonizing was divine.

Out tonight Ugh. Another song that Arianda (Mimi) just butchered. Halfway through the song, her mike came unplugged and she had to just keep dancing and singing while trying to plug it back in. I just didn’t like her voice although her dancing was very fluid and smooth.

Another day Again, Bryce (Roger) was amazing. You could really feel his anger and his hesitation in his voice.

Will I? Another great song with great harmony. It was good to finally see how this is acted out onstage.

On the street I don’t even know what to say. The Company of this production was amazing and the songs that they sang as a whole here all perfect.

Santa Fe Warren (Collins) did a good job but, again, not the strongest singer. His voice was good and nice and all that but kinda lacked emotion.

I’ll cover you Ugh, again, Warren (Collins) and Ano (Angel), not the best singers. It was cute and it was good but it lacked that spontaneity and fun that Jesse and Wilson had.

We’re okay Jennifer (Joanne) was good. Her voice was strong and this song really showed if off nicely. The way that they set it up wasn’t really what I was expecting and it didn’t really work for me but the song itself was good.

Christmas bells Again, amazing Company singers, amazing harmony.

Over the moon I never really liked this song. I still don’t really like it. Tracy (Maureen) had an amazing voice but I thought that she went too overboard with this. I know that it’s supposed to be “out there” and over the top but I would’ve liked it a lot better if she toned it down just a bit.

La vie Boheme So much energy and joy. I loved it. It was amazing. I had so much fun watching them perform this song.

I should tell you Again, Arianda (Mimi) killed this song. But with a lot of help from Bryce (Roger), the harmonizing was actually really good.

Seasons of love Okay, first of all, I’d like to mention that the first soloist didn’t hit that incredible high C which really disappointed me. I was looking forward to that note through the whole song and it never came. The second soloist’s timing was a little off and the sang some of the lines really weirdly. I can’t explain it but yeah. Other than that, it was amazing. Of course.

Happy New Year Arianda (Mimi) did a lot better in the second half and it all started with this song. This song was fun but a little confusing. Maybe it’s the fact that the production was only here for 5 days and the actors didn’t really get a chance to acquaint themselves with the stage but they seemed really unorganized.

Take me or leave me I loved it. Tracy (Maureen) and Jennifer (Joanne) did an amazing job. Their harmonizing was perfect. It was awesome because Tracy sounds like Idina.

Without you Arianda (Mimi) definitely shined in this song. Her voice was so rich and so full of emotion. It was good. Her harmonizing with Bryce (Roger) was really done well.

Contact Obviously, I had never seen this staged and I was excited to see what I had been missing out on. I was kinda disappointed. This song is filled with so much passion and it’s all just happening under a big white sheet. Ano (Angel) really got into his element and sounded a lot better in this song for some reason.

I’ll cover you (reprise) Okay...I already mentioned a whole bunch of times that Warren (Collins) wasn't the strongest singer but this song blew me away. It was so good. His voice was deep, rich, and so full of sorrow. I actually didn't cry (but then again, I'm not really that emotional a person) but I could feel my eyes welling and my heart literally breaking for Collins.

Halloween OH. MY. GOD! Jed (Mark) is an amazing singer and he really shined in this song. Again, you can feel the raw emotion and his hurt.

Goodbye, love It was good. But when Jennifer (Mimi) and Jennifer (Joanne) started singing was amazing. They were so passionate and they acted extremely appropriately.

What you own Amazing. Wonderful. Brilliant. Jed (Mark) was the strongest singer out of the entire cast and I think that that helped Bryce (Roger) really step up. It was really passionate and the harmonizing was divine.

Your eyes I never really liked this song but Bryce (Roger) sang it with such emotion. It was actually really beautiful.

Finale Okay, so by this point, I’m at an emotional high and this song was just amazing. They ended so strongly.

So yeah, over all, my first Rent experience was awesome. I don’t think that it was necessarily the singing that made it awesome but the energy of the live show. The show felt kind of disorganized but I'm guessing that that's because the show was only here for five days and the actors didn't really get a chance to acquaint themselves with the stage/acoustics and all that. I didn't get to take any pictures with any of the actors since the two friends that I went with both had to run home and I didn't feel like standing by the stage door by myself. Oh well...Thank you for reading my review! I know it was long but I just had to let my feelings out. My review has been x-posted to all the Rent communities that I belong too.
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