Crystal/수정 (crystalic_chick) wrote in catscratch_club,


Name: Crystal
Age: 18 but turning 19 in May.
Favourite character: Mark
Favourite OBC actor: Anthony
Reason(s) why you love Rent: OMG, too many reasons. Well, I guess the main reason is that the message of love is just so powerful and songs are just amazing and beautiful.
How long have you been a Renthead?: Just a little over a year.
Have you actually seen the play?: Nope, but it's coming to Toronto (that's where I live) in May so I'm going to go see it then.
Favorite song/scene: Ooo, tough question. Too many to mention.
Anything else you want to add: I'm addicted to Rent. I also enjoy making graphics so you'll see a lot of icons, colour bars, and Friends only bannars from me.
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