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Boho Boys Designs

**EDIT** It has come to my attention that my site is down- who knew so many people would visit in one hour! Anyway, I'm going to post pictures of the other two frames I made behind the cut and if you are interested in buying one please e-mail me at or IM me lexylynn49 Thanks for your patience!

Hello all! I just wanted to take a moment to pimp out a website I just made. Inspired by the musical RENT I've been making picture frames that feature song lyrics and the RENT logo letters. I've decided to share with everyone by selling the frames. I set up a website the showcases the frames I've already made. At this point I'm taking requests for custom frames. I hope you will like them. Behind the cut I've put a sample of my work and the link to the site if anyone is interested. Feel free to comment here or e-mail me at with any questions or comments!

beth's frame

tracy's frame

check out the site for more info

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